How to enable or disable Developer mode on your Chromebook

Chrome OS comes with a special “developer mode” into all the Chromebooks. This mode allows users and developers to access the code behind the Chrome Operating System and load their own builds of custom Chrome OS.

It also allows users to dual-boot the system or install another Linux system such as Ubuntu or LinuxMint which can run along with the Chrome OS.


However, do note that the developer mode is different than the developer channel. The developer channel is for testing new features and gets new features and bug fixes before public release while the developer mode is similar to rooting your Android smartphone.

How to enable Recovery Mode on Chromebook

  • First of all, turn off your Chromebook
  • Now boot your Chromebook into recovery mode by holding the Esc and Refresh keys while pressing the power button.
  • If you are using a Chromebook which has a little hole for the recovery button, then stick a paperclip inside the hole and then press the power button.
  • When it asks to insert recovery media, press Ctrl + D on your keyboard and press Enter to confirm.
  • Wait for couple of minutes and you’ll be in recovery mode.

How to disable Recovery Mode on Chromebook

If you are using recovery mode on your Chromebook, it will show a screen stating the OS verification is off every time. You may also need to press Ctrl + D keys to continue booting and all these could be annoying or irritating. If you want to disable recovery mode, then here’s the easy steps.

  • Reboot your Chromebook.
  • Press the spacebar to re-enable verification when you see the “OS verification is off” screen.
  • This will wipe your device and it will be secure again.