How to display network speed indicator on status bar [LeEco Guide]

LeEco smartphones are a great bunch and no matter which LeEco phone you own, probably every phone from LeEco are blessed with tons of built-in features. Thanks to its EMUI software, you can enable network speed indicator on LeEco smartphones. It displays real-time network speed of your Wi-Fi or Mobile Data. This feature is pretty handy for me as it shows how fast Jio 4G is. So, if you want to check your Wi-Fi speed or how fast your 4G network is in real-time, check out this easy guide below.


This guide is meant for LeEco smartphones only but a few smartphones may have such option to show the network speed in the status bar. Smartphones from Xiaomi also have such feature so, do not hesitate to check on other phones.

A few of my friends checked my LeEco Le 2 and saw the speed indicator on the top of the screen. They asked me “how did you get this network speed indicator?” and I was like “Let me show you how it’s done.” This is how I explained.


How to enable network speed indicator on LeEco smartphones

To turn on network speed indicator on your LeEco smartphone here’s what you need to do. Follow the two simple steps and you are done.

Step 1: On your LeEco smartphone, go to Settings -> Dual SIM & mobile networks -> Data management.


Step 2: Hit the gear icon on the top-right corner and enable the Display real-time speed toggle slider. Once you turn the slider to right, your status bar will show you the real-time network speed of your Wi-Fi or Mobile Data.


If you cannot find this option, make sure you have updated the software. A reboot usually does the job. This tutorial was made on LeEco Le 2 with EMUI 5.8 software.

Let us know if it doesn’t work for you. Do check more such guides on How-To Guides.