Evernote Food for Android arrives, remember the food & meal you love the most

Evernote lovers who are also Android users are in for a treat today. Evernote has today launched the Evernote Food, which lets users to remember the food and meals which they love the most. 


With the Evernote Food Android app, you can capture, share and relive your memorable meals. Whether you’re eating at home, at a restaurant, or embarking on a culinary adventure, you can use Evernote Food to remember all of your delicious experiences.

Also in Evernote Food, locations are powered by Foursquare that means that the app grabs your location whenever you create a Meal, then drops a pin on a map which is a very nice feature and would let you remember the place and which meal you had there.


You can use Evernote Food to: 
  • Remember the food and meals you love. 
  • Snap and organize photos of your food, setting and fellow diners to make a beautiful photo essay of your meals. 
  • Add a title, your location, tags, captions and additional notes about the experience. 
  • Select or search for places, powered by Foursquare
  • Share meals with family and friends on Twitter and Facebook, or via old fashioned email. 
  • See related content from your Evernote account right inside the Evernote Food app. 
  • Browse through your meals or search for specific ones. 
  • Automatically sync to your Evernote account, where you can access your meal notes from any computer or mobile device.
Also hre are a few ideas to get you started: 
  • Capture each course of your meals, along with photos of family and friends. 
  • Document each step while preparing your favorite recipes. 
  • Record interesting ingredients, product labels, wines, menus and recipes you come across.
  • Save food-related experiences while you’re travelling and tasting new delicacies. 
  • Track your food intake for fitness and dieting.
Download Evernote Food Android App