Rumour: Lumia to arrive with dual-core processors on Windows Phone 8

In an interesting beginning to the Weekend, a great speculation doing the rounds is suggesting that Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 OS running Nokia Lumia smartphones may arrive on Qualcomm’s Krait-based Snapdragon S4 dual-core chipset. 


WOW! Now this is some great news if it turns out to be true, because we do know that the S4, even after being a dual-core processor a couple of times have produced results that even, quad-core processors have failed to reach. 

For now, the Nokia Lumia devices run only on single core processors, thanks to the OS itself which doesn’t support dual-core processors. But with the arrival of the Windows Phone 8 OS, smartphones running on the OS would be able to make use of an additional core to working more smoothly.
We know that WP still runs quite smoothly on a single core processor and also multi-tasking is great, and so we can imagine how great the functionality would get with the dual-core processors specially Snapdragon S4. 
We also have to note that many a people drop the idea of going in for a Lumia thinking that the single core processor would not be able to handle their working on the phones, which is a misconception, now you’ll be able to work on a dual-core Nokia Lumia soon. 
And this may also serve as an opportunity for the Finnish giant and carriers to grab in more users who have till now stayed away from the Lumia range. What do you feel? Will the Dual-core Lumia’s be able to boost sales for Nokia, plus would you buy them now that they may feature a dual-core processor?