Everything you need to know about push notifications

One of the many features that every one looks for in a smartphone is push notifications. It has become a feature that differentiates good phones from the not-so-good ones. Everyone wants to get updates about whatever is up with every service they subscribe to at the spur of the moment.


Almost everyone is on Twitter and Facebook and they need to respond with quickness to make the best of their social interactions. In fact, this feature that used to be a stellar feature of mobiles and tablets, is now even coming PCs in the coming time.

How do push notifications play a part in your device experience? Well, sometimes they are pretty helpful since they provide you instant updates, but there are times when they are a total waste of time. There are times you eagerly look towards these notifications and find just some useless update at the end of it, which leaves you fuming for wasting your time.  Yeah, even smart things such as notifications turn out to be stupid sometimes.

But, what is the solution? Turning off push Notifications totally is so not it. I mean they are freaking useful sometimes. It’s like texts, eve though you get so many useless ones, I won’t be lying when I say you would hardly want to turn off texting altogether. But are there feasible solutions out there?
Well, lets see.

See, your phone is one device you won’t be able to do without. Basically, push notifications work on the information your phone receives through different connectivity channels such as Wi-Fi.

One way around it is setting some people as ‘important’ and some as ‘leisure’; these should be customizable according to your schedule. Think of it as a do not disturb sign on the notifications door of your phone. This is something on the lines of priority e-mail, so it is actually quite doable.

This could be easily customized and like your phones ask for time and date, they could also ask for what kind of notification settings you want.

One thing that occurred to me was notifications could be turned off in case you are running out of battery. Have you got any others?