Exclusive : BSNL to announce iPad Data Plans, iPad to hit India soon

ipad-bsnl This is Big, Apple iPad will soon hit India. We have learned from our sources that BSNL is planning to announce that it will offer dedicated iPad Data Plans. We have also got a hint, but can’t confirm yet,  that BSNL will sell iPad under some ‘Bundled Schemes’. The iPad which will be available under offers from BSNL will be iPad with WiFi + 3G. BSNL will be announcing its plans in coming weeks. So, it obvious that if BSNL is planning to announce such plans then the iPad launch is round the corner, let see when it happens.
We don’t have anymore details right now, but will update you soon with some more details. If you use this news for you blog/website, don’t forget to give us a link back. :)

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