Experts claim that Galaxy S4 display is the best one yet


Besides the amazing features of the Galaxy S4 revealed yesterday, the one physical aspect loved by everyone was the display. Mobile experts have even taken a step further claiming it to be the best display yet.


The 4.99 inch display of the Samsung Galaxy S4 seems to be receiving a lot of praises from all quarters of the tech industry. Ray Soneira, president of DisplayMate, which is a display analysis and software calibration company, praised the inclusion of the CIE Chromaticity Diagram and grayscale for the adaptive screen settings, which were introduced by Samsung in Galaxy S4.

The CIE Chromaticity Diagram and grayscale for the adaptive screen settings enable the phone to show more naturally pristine colours rather than the normal white seen in most displays. This improves the experience with the 441 ppi density on the full HD display. The Super AMOLED display which is present in the Galaxy S4 has definitely impressed all the people, including tech critics who wouldn’t spare a moment to bash the new innovation.

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