Facebook to disable the chat option from its app to boost Messenger use

If the latest reports are to be believed then Facebook might soon disable the chat option from its main app to boost its Messenger app.


According to a Facebook spokesman, Facebook will soon remove the chat option from their Android and iOS app. Reportedly, users in Europe are already getting a notification of the upcoming removal. Facebook will bring an update, which will redirect users to the Messenger app when they try to chat from the main app. If you have the Messenger app installed, then it will take it there, otherwise you should get a notification to install the Messenger app.

As we all know by now that the main Facebook app features a chat option and there’s also the Messenger app, which offers quite the same functionality but it’s a lot more joy to use for sure. The removal of chat option from the main app certainly makes sense, considering there is already an app which has the functionality.

Reportedly, Facebook will give you notifications before the change finally takes place and the change is going to take place no matter what, so, our views on it are irrelevant. So, what do you say about this new change? Sound off in the comments below..