Facebook Messenger Ads are coming whether you like it or not

Many of us use Facebook and Messenger for connecting and communicating with each other. Unaware as to what keeps the service afloat. But this huge global social media giant uses ads to bring us this global service. Most of the revenues Facebook gets is from ads. And whether you like it or not. Facebook is determined to shove a couple of ads down your throats. For that, it’s going to bring ads to the Messenger app.


The feature will start rolling in the coming weeks but it might take the end of 2017 to reach you. So, yeah, Facebook is giving you time to get used to this idea. The ads will appear on the home screen, the place where you see the most recent chats.

The ads will be tailored to fit the UI of the app so they don’t look too ugly. But if you ask me they still might look very ugly to many. However, at this point, they look like a necessary evil. The feature is being tested in Australia and Thailand. Clicking on these ads will lead to a chat window or any external page that advertisers link to the ad.

Facebook has recently rolled out tools for businesses to create ads for the messaging platform which is used by 1.2 billion people every month. The move by the company comes at a time when profits for Q1 2017 improved amidst reports of user base growing to record highs.

Facebook is also trying to diversify its business to VR and video as it runs out of space to expand the social network. As much as 40%-50% increase in expenses is forecasted for this year.