Facebook Messenger Lite launched in India

Amidst the race for 4G going on amongst telcos in India, Facebook Messenger Lite gets a formal introduction in the second biggest smartphone market in the world. Messenger Lite allows users with low bandwidth and speeds to stay connected through the simplified instant messenger.


Messenger Lite is a pretty barebones version of the Global Messenger platform. Its list of functions includes texting, sending photos as well as links to emojis and stickers. Users can manage their groups with the app as well. Further, it is designed to preserve resources of devices. As such it is meant for budget phones. The app weighs just 10 MB and would ensure smooth operation on low-end devices.

One particular feature that has been kept intact from the Messenger app is the voice calling feature. As more and more people grow accustomed to voice over data, it does seem a good feature. Especially in India where major carriers are in advanced stages of rolling out 4G.

The app was unveiled in October 2016. Since then, it is available for 123 countries Vietnam, Algeria, Morocco, Nigeria, Peru, Turkey. India is the latest to join the fold. The Facebook app has also had a similar lite version in the past. With these apps, the company hopes to expand user base in emerging countries.

Days earlier, Facebook hit a milestone, when CEO, Zuckerberg said the social media platform is used by 2 billion users each month.


Download Link: Facebook Messenger Lite for Android