Facebook’s snooze button is your new savior from your annoying friends

It’s usual nowadays that your friends are dropping a lot of updates on Facebook and whenever you open it you get easily irritated and at last you end up unfriending or unfollowing them. So here comes your savior, a stop for your little problems and no more annoying updates flooding your News Feed. Facebook launches its new feature the ‘Snooze’ button which allows you to mute the content from a person for 30 days and the same is also available for groups and pages.


The best thing about it is that you will be notified soon as the duration of 30 days come to an end, and you can do same again if you think still the content or updates are a waste of your time. It’s a cool feature because there is no need to unfollow or unfriend the person anymore. You can find this new feature via the top-right drop-down menu on a post.

For example, if your friend is being up posting all the photos or status update on his new puppy, or your foodie aunt has been uploading all the recipe’s and food photos all day. So, by using the Snooze button all of this can come to an end. However, many people still don’t know this feature exists, but the Snooze button will be far more evident.

As well as, it will be beneficial for Pages and Group as they can have a hold back on their less functioning users who must have unlike or unfollowed them to bypass their content. Snooze got tested this fall when the organization tried various time of lengths but ended up at a 30-day decision as a sufficient time of mute.

Facebook is rolling out this new feature, go and check it out.