How to easily factory reset Apple Watch with an iPhone

Apple Watch is one of the best smartwatches available for purchase in the market. Even though it is one of the best, there may be a situation where the user faces issues with the device. In that case, or if the user wants to sell it off, then it needs to be reset.

There are a couple of different ways that can be used to reset the Apple Watch. The two major ways to reset the smartwatch include using the device itself or with the help of a connected smartphone.

Before resetting the smartwatch, it is a good idea to take a backup just in case you want to restore the data to the same device or a new Apple Watch.

In this step-by-step guide, we will show you how to reset the Apple Watch using the Apple iPhone that is connected to the smartwatch.


How to factory reset Apple Watch with an iPhone

Step 1: Open the Watch application on your Apple iPhone.

Step 2: When the Watch app opens, choose the “My Watch” tab from the bottom of the screen.

Step 3: After that, tap on the “All Watches” option from the top-left corner.

Step 4: Tap the circled “i” next to the watch you want to unpair.

Step 5: Choose “Unpair Apple Watch” and then tap on the “Unpair” option again.

Step 6: Enter your Apple ID password if and when asked.

Step 7: When the process is completed, you will see the “Start Pairing” message.

That’s it. After you have successfully completed the above-mentioned steps on your Apple iPhone, the connected Apple Watch will be reset without you actually having to do it from the smartwatch.