Files Go update adds File Extraction, faster offline sharing and more

Files Go was released as Google’s first smart storage app back in November. This app was released for the devices getting released with Android Go. Android Go devices have limited storage capabilities. So, this app was created by keeping that in mind. It took up much lesser space than a regular File Manager App, so that you can use your storage to store your much important files.


Recently, Files Go has received an update which improves and add some useful features. The first one is the File Extraction feature. Files Go, after a long time of its release has now added a File Extraction feature which was already available in the third-party file managers app since a long time. This is an extremely helpful feature as many of the files we download are ZIP files. Also, Google Drives compresses multiple files to zip files while downloading them simultaneously. So, it’s good to see this feature finally being added to Files Go.

There has been an improvement in the offline data sharing speeds. Earlier, the maximum file sharing speeds were 125Mbps. But with the latest update, they have been increased to 455Mbps. This file transfer takes place even without the internet connection. It uses the Wi-Fi Hotspot of the handset and the transfer of files is secured with WPA2 encryption.

Moreover, a new tab named “Share” is added at the bottom of the screen, along with the Clean and Browse tabs. This new tab describes itself as “Fast file sharing without internet.” This tab should supposedly make it faster for users to share files.

Even though Files Go has limited functionality right now, it has already been downloaded more than 10 million times. Files Go is still doesn’t allow the users to view the full contents of the storage directory. Users still need to download a third-party file manager if they want to do that. If you want to try out the features of File Go, you can download the app here.