How to find hidden chess game in Facebook Messenger [Guide]

Facebook Messenger has so much stuff hidden inside and you might not be aware of it. Today I found a secret hidden game inside the Facebook Messenger app. Did you know that? Well, now you can also play Chess game with your facebook friends.


Albeit, the gameplay won’t be as easy as you play it online on and other platforms and you have to put some efforts to understand but it will be right there inside the app with your chat window.

How to Find hidden chess game in Facebook Messenger

Before you start to play chess, you should know how to get Chess game in your chat window. Here’s what you need to do. Open Facebook Messenger on your smartphone and type the following command into a friend’s chat box and send it.

  • @fbchess play

A Chess board will appear in the chatbox that will prompt your friend to play.


Once you see a chess board, you should also learn how to move the pieces because this won’t be easy, I guess. You can select your pieces using the letters K for the king, Q for the queen, P for the pawn, R for rook, B for Bishop, and N for the knight. Once you have selected your piece, just add in the letter into the chatbox followed by the number representing the square on which you want the piece to move to.

  • K – King
  • Q – Queen
  • P – Pawn
  • R – Rook
  • N – Knight
  • B – Bishop

For instance, if you want to move E2 Pawn to E3 square, then type the following

@fbchess Pe3

where ‘P’ represents Pawn and ‘e3’ represents the square on which the piece will land. Similarly, to move the king to e3 square, use @fbchess Ke3.

If you want help then type the following command:

@fbchess help

A list of commands will appear if you need any help.


Please share this guide so that your friends can know about the hidden chess game in Facebook Messenger. If you want help on this game, be sure to comment and we will get back to you soon.

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