How do you track or find lost Android phone [Guide]

There are a number of Android phones available that come with pre-installed anti-theft apps providing a way to find lost Android phone. These apps can be helpful when your phone gets stolen or you lost it. However, what happens when your phone doesn’t have such feature?


There are times that you lost your Android phone in your house, drop it somewhere, or forgot it at the table while enjoying a dinner at the restaurant. What happens when something like that happens, how do you search your phone before you got to know the truth that someone has stolen your phone? Well, in this guide, we will show you how you can track or find lost Android phone the easy way.

How can you track or find lost Android phone

The first obvious way is to call your number from another number and see if it’s somewhere near you. If that doesn’t happen, see the other way around.

Google keep things simple for you. Androids are made in such a way that they can be remotely located when there is an internet connectivity available on the phone. Android Device Manager is a tool offered by Google that does it. Indeed, a Google Account is required for this which most of the Androids have on it.


  • A Google Account connected with the phone
  • Internet Connectivity on the phone
  • GPS turned on (to track the location of the phone)

Open on chrome browser. Note that you have to login to the Google account on the Chrome browser. Type ‘find my phone’ in the search bar. You will see a google maps window showing the location of your lost phone.


This is the exact location where is actually your phone located. Suddenly your mind will strike that you’ve forgotten your phone at that location. So, go find your phone at that location or near it. Do call your number if someone has it. Ask them that you have forgotten the phone and keep it until you come to pick it up.


You can also use the Android Device Manager to locate, ring, lock, or remotely erase and reset the phone. This will save your precious data from getting stolen. Head to this ADM link, and see what you can do with to find lost Android phone.


Sign into Google Account and locate your device. Try to ring it from the Android Device Manager or else, lock it. Erase it before anyone gets your data.

In case, if your phone gets disconnected from the Google account, the Android Device Manager, as well as, the ‘find my phone’ won’t work because they are necessary to find lost Android phone.

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