Firefox Mobile 4 beta 5 for Android 2.1 and higher

Firefox4beta-mobile-150x150 Mozilla Firefox has released Firefox Mobile 4 beta 5 for Android 2.1 and higher and MeeGo. Surprisingly, this new version will not be adding too many improvements or features to this mobile browser but will provide speed improvements in start-up speed, page load speed, and JavaScript rendering speed

Mozilla Firefox browser for the mobiles was earlier codename ‘Fennec’ and its alpha version hit the Android Market August 2010 followed by the beta version in October. There has been already some traction that this browser has been seeing on the mobile space and the added speed improvements may help it attract some new customer.

However, these new subscribers may not come from Apple iPhone and iPad users, who will have to be contend with the Firefox Home for iOS for now. And even users of other platforms will expect Mozilla to have more and frequent beta updates before a final tested-and-approved version is released and the final version to be competitive with the Opera’s, IE and Safari’s of the world.