Flipkart Android Wear app now available

Android Wear is slowly and steadily gaining traction and India’s e-commerce juggernaut Flipkart does not wants to miss out on the opportunity. Flipkart has become the first Indian e-commerce portal to launch an app for Android Wear.


The Flipkart Android Wear app will let you check notifications coming from Flipkart along with the wishlist you have in Flipkart. The e-commerce giant assures that with future updates, users will be able to get tracking related info, price drop notifications and notifications for any personalized offers.

To get the Flipkart Android Wear app, you’ll have to install the latest update to the Flipkart app on your Android smartphone. After the update, the Android Wear app will be automatically available for your smartwatch after your pair your smartphone. The new update for the Flipkart app for Android smartphones brings a lot of new features. To get the new update, you can hit the link below and get the latest update.

Flipkart- Google Play Store