Flipkart launches native Android app

With the increasing number of users who prefer shopping on the smartphones rather than on the desktop, Flipkart has announced the launch of its native Android app.


Flipkart, which is one of the popular e-commerce marketplace in India, has launched its native app for the Android platform, which provides a redefined user experience. The new app makes browsing on Flipkart.com faster, smoother and easier. The app makes online transactions easier and faster.

The Flipkart app can be used to compare prices of various products even in offline mode. The search is further improved to support voice searching and barcode scanning. You can further access recently viewed products without an active internet connection. The app can also be used to share information about products using call, SMS, emails, and social media directly from the app. The app also includes a widget that showcases/highlights the sites’ top offers on your home screen. The Flipkart app can be downloaded for free from Google Play.