Nestle indicates that Android 4.4 – KitKat OS is up for an October release

The launch season has begun After seeing unveiling of handsets from the likes of Sony and Samsung, we are also waiting ardently for OS updates. While Apple has already rolled iOS 7, we are waiting on Google to release the next Iteration of Android. And if all, goes well, we might see a new version of Android this October. While we have heard rumors about an October release before too, this time its the branding partner for Android 4.4 – Nestle which has indicated  on the Facebook page of its German division that Android 4.4 might be coming out in October.


Roughly translated from German, this means that Android KitKat will come in October.

While Google wouldn’t confirm or deny the news but such as indication from a branding partner can be regarded as more than authentic and it seems we might see a new version of Android land up on our phones soon.

It can also be stipulated that Google might also release the new device models from its Nexus series – Nexus 5 and Nexus 10 in October only.

We will be waiting with baited breaths and this confirmation is nothing but a welcome surprise.