Stephen Elop stands to gain over $25 Million on joining Microsoft again

Stephen Elop must be a happy man. Why shouldn’t he be? He has actually got his former bosses a gigantic phone company for less than peanuts. Well, it seems Microsoft is ready to pay Elop for pushing the deal through – not only is Elop a prime CEO candidate for Microsoft after current CEO Steve Ballmer resigns, he actually stands to make more than $25 Million when he returns to Microsoft. Voila! You might hate the man butt you have got to admire his business sense.


Microsoft, it seems has put in this incentive so that Elop can help finalize the deal by early 2014, which is when Microsoft will actually and totally take charge of Nokia’s devices and services division. The payout too will not just be in cash, but in stock options and management incentives.

Elop currently holds the position of Executive Vice-president and will after the deal, come back to Microsoft as the Chief Executive of Expanded devices division. Well, we believe that is all middle ground to being actually elected as CEO. Looks like he has the got the world on his plate, as of now.