Flipkart set to launch tablet range on June 26

Just a week ago we shared reports about Flipkart launching its own range of tablets. Interestingly, the announcement seems to be coming this week.


This morning, we received a small bottle with pills (tablets) with the FlipKart branding, which apparently is an invite to the company’s upcoming event scheduled for June 26. While we’ve seen a lot of interesting invites for launch events, this one just tears them apart. Though the company was trying to be subtle, it made it quite obvious of the impending launch of its tablets (not the medicinal ones) range.

According to our sources, the FlipKart plans to sell the tablets under the DigiFlip brand. While we were unable to extract any details about the devices, rumours have it that the company has partnered with MediaTek for the tablets, so we can expect some reasonably well priced devices in the Rs. 10000 range. From exclusively selling handsets from other manufacturers like Motorola to making its own tablets, do you think Flipkart can make the leap? Let us know.