Folder and 256MB RAM support coming to Windows Phone via Tango update

We already know Microsoft will be launching another update of the Windows Phone 7 mobile platform called Tango. While various speculations are around, there are only two solid features that we anticipate i.e.; front camera support and support for low-end handsets (thank to the leaked roadmap).

Some more news has developed on the update and new speculations say that the new update should bring in options to make folders and the platform will support handsets with 256MB of RAM.

Support of handsets with 256MB RAM is quite a possibility here as a previous roadmap of WP which was leaked, said that the new Tango update will focus on bringing the platform to low end handsets. So if this is a success, we might see Windows Phone handsets available from the Rs.10,000 to Rs.18,000 price segment.

Now regarding the folder making options, Michael Gillett who is a senior UK Microsoft student partner and MVP said that Tango will include Start Screen folder support and a revised UI for the built-in media controls. He further says that the media controls will take up less space at the top of the screen to look like a notification.

Hmmm, sounds interesting.