Gboard for Android keyboard now supports 22 Indian regional languages

With Google actively focusing towards regional language to reach out to more users across India, the company has now extended support for regional language for the Gboard keyboard.


Google India has announced that it has updated the Gboard for Android keyboard to support 11 new regional languages, taking the total to 22 Indian languages. The app now supports transliteration in Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Urdu and Gujarati. Additionally, the Gboard already supports Hinglish language option that lets you switch back and forth between Hindi and English.

the Gboard for Android keyboard has auto-correction and prediction in these new languages, two layouts for each— one in the native language script and one with the QWERTY layout for transliteration. Users can spell words phonetically using the QWERTY alphabet and get text output in their native language script.

the Gboard for Android keyboard also has Google Search built in and allows users to search and use Google Translate right from the keyboard. The new text editing tool makes it easier to select, copy and paste. The update also brings some under-the-hood improvements including better accuracy and predictions while you type.