Gemalto Brings Facebook to All Mobile Phones

gemalto-facebook-150X150 In MWC 2011, Barcelona, Gemalto – One of the global leaders in digital security announced a SIM that has Facebook feature integrated in it which allows you to enjoy the service even if you are not subscribed to a data connection. This announcement open new ways for people to remain connected to their favorite social networking site irrespective of the handset.

It provides access to the most basic features of Facebook such as friend requests, status updates, wall posts or messages. Even to signup for the service, you need not to navigate to the native browser. You can directly do that from the integrated Facebook SIM application.  Interactive Facebook messages pop-up on the phone’s screen so people can always share up-to-the-minute posts and events. One can also automatically search their SIM phonebook for other friends and send them requests.

Following an initial limited free trial period, Facebook for SIM then operates on a subscription model via an unlimited pass for a given period of time.