How to take screenshots with gestures [Honor 20 Guide]

Honor 20 features MagicUI 2.1 which is a rip-off version or say a better version of the EMUI found on the Honor smartphones, however, it has plenty of handy tricks that can be useful and to start with the basics, taking screenshots on the Honor 20 is easy with these gestures. Take a look.


Take Screenshots With Gestures [Honor 20]

Unlike taking the screenshots with the power buttons, these gestures can be really helpful for taking screenshots effectively. Instead of pressing the hardware buttons, just use your single hand to capture screenshots. The Honor 20 supports gesture-based screenshots techniques, capture it by swiping your three fingers or use your knuckle.

Take Screenshots With A Knuckle

The Honor 20 supports knuckle gesture, knock twice on the screen with a knuckle to take a screenshot. You can also knock and draw an enclosed area to capture part of the screen and save the screenshot or take scrolling screenshots with the knuckle by knocking on the screen and draw an ‘S’ to take scrolling screenshot.

If it doesn’t work, make sure it’s enabled, go to Settings -> Smart assistance -> Shortcuts & gestures -> Take screenshot and enable the Knuckle screenshot slider.



Take Three-Finger Screenshots

Taking a screenshot with three fingers is easy, just swipe your three fingers downwards on the screen and the screenshot will be saved in the gallery. By default, the feature is disabled on the phone, turn on the slider ‘Three-finger screenshot‘ under the Smart assistance.

Open the Settings on the phone and scroll down to the bottom and tap the Smart assistance. Under that, enter the Shortcuts & gestures and tap the Take screenshot where you will find the option to enable the Three-finger screenshot.

  • Go to Settings -> Smart assistance -> Shortcuts & gestures -> Take screenshot and enable the Three-finger screenshot slider.



The Honor 20 features quad cameras on the back, an in-screen selfie camera on the front, powerful Krin 980 octa-core CPU, and is designed beautifully with glass on both sides. Check our full review of the Honor 20.