Gmail for Android is now finally getting Dark Mode feature

For those users who spend a lot of time looking at the screen all day and for those who use their smartphone a lot during the night time, introduction of Dark Mode for many apps have been a welcome move, increasing the experience.

Now, Google has finally started rolling out the dark mode for Gmail app for the Android users. However, you’ll need to be running the latest Android 10 for this new feature to work.

If you have received this dark mode feature on your device, you should see a theme menu in settings with options to force Gmail to always light, dark, or follow the system default theme.

The first version of Gmail that offers a dark UI mode is 2019.08.18.267044774. However, even having that version doesn’t guarantee that you’ll have the dark theme as there’s also a server-side component that rolls out at Google’s behest. So far, a small number of users have the feature, but everyone should be able to use the dark mode soon.

Android 10, the latest version of the Android mobile operating system from Google also comes with a system-wide dark mode. While Google has planned to release dark mode for all of its first-party apps, the same feature for leading apps like Gmail and Play Store weren’t ready when Android 10 was officially released a few days ago.