Google Android Wear OS: 5 amazing features

Google has finally debuted its wearables OS, called the Android Wear. This operating system is expected to do for wearables, what Android did for smartphones. It is an open source OS, which should integrate wearbles from different companies on a single platform, giving developers a huge initiative to create apps for the OS.


The strength of the Google Android Wear OS lies in not what it offers, but what it represents. It represents a future in which all major apps will be available on smartwatches, make them exponentially more useful than they are currently. But that is not all that is offer. Here are some amazing things it has on offer:

Voice Commands


Voice commands are something that is becoming a norm. While most Android smartphones and even the iPhone offer voice command integration, it has taken off in too big a way. The Android Wear OS is something that might change that. Controlling a smartwatch via voice is actually the logical thing  to do – you can’t run gestures on such a small screen, neither can you interact with a UI too much. Voice commands then are the only way smartwatches will bring you a great amount of access.

Once you start interacting to a smartwatch via voice commands, it becomes useless to take out your smartphone for the smallest of things. It makes it convenient and fast. Not just that, you can actually wear a watch anywhere (Even in the shower,since many of them are waterproof), giving you advanced mobility. That’s not all, Google Android Wear OS will not only let you give commands to a smartwatch, but also get feedback from the smartwatch, which it turns out will be great.

Imagine sending a text just by telling your smartwatch or scheduling your calendar – Voice commands will work in an awesome manner and with more and more apps coming into the ambit of this OS, you should see voice integration for major apps coming out soon.

Fitness features


It is definitely raining fitness gadgets. Every company from Samsung, Sony to even Nike and Adidas has one out. The problem? Once again, a fitness device, like any other can’t be a single functionality device. With Android Wear, smartwatches will be able to not only integrate data, but deliver it to your smartwatch.

Now, every fitness band can generally not to this much by itself unless it is connected to an accompanying app or PC.

New and amazing UI


Most smartwatches, including the new Samsung Gear smartwatches come with a monotonous UI, that neither looks good, nor seems very responsive. It is not minimalist, rather it displays some basic information such as the weather and notification in a very interesting way. Any way you look at it, the Google Android Wear OS is easily the best looking smartwatch OS out there.

App integration

This is definitely the stunner with this OS.


“The wide variety of Android applications means you’ll receive the latest posts and updates from your favorite social apps, chats from your preferred messaging apps, notifications from shopping, news and photography apps, and more,” states Sundar Pichai, SVP, Android, Chrome & Apps.


Definitely the advantage of an open Source OS is that it offers developers better opportunities and a better reach. If you think Android developers won’t take smartwatches seriously think twice – Google’s other wearable initiative, Google Glass is already buzzing with apps.

With so many companies working on smartwatches, every developer worth his weight should be trying his hands at creating an app for this OS.



Another thing the Google Android Wear OS brings for smartwatches is connectivity. Based on what we have heard from Google, this smartwatches will be able to connect with not just smartwatches and tablets, but even Chromecast connected TVs. Imagine, playing a YouTube video on your TV via your smartwatch. Not just that, it will also let you access and control other devices right from your smartwatch.

As far Operating systems go, Google has taken a leap that should comfortably place it at the top of the smartwatch pyramid.