Google Gallery Go is a new lightweight photo management app for Android

During the ‘Google for Nigeria’ event, the search engine giant launched a new Android application named ‘Gallery Go’. The app comes with many of the best features of Google Photos and works offline to organize photos.


The app helps users find, edit and manage their photos and it organizes them offline. It weighs just 10 MB in size and uses machine learning to organize as well as auto-enhance photos on the device.

Google says that the application is designed for users who don’t have a reliable internet connection. This application comes under the ‘Go’ edition, under which Google has been launching lightweight apps as well as the system named Android Go edition.

As said, the app has several features of the Google Photos app which is a photo-sharing and storage service launched back in 2015. It has been getting new features with updates over the years.

The new Google Gallery Go app is available today on the Google Play Store for devices running Android 8.1 Oreo or higher.