Google granted patent for Android pattern unlock

We all know how important and distinct is the pattern unlock feature in Android OS and now, The United States Patent & Trademark Office has granted Google a new patent pertaining to lock screens which relates to pattern unlocks.

These patterns can also be used as gestures to initiate custom commands. We do not think that any patent of this kind was necessary but it’s good to see that this feature may soon arrive on Android.

pattern%20unlock%20gestures  The idea behind this is that now it’ll allow users to create custom patterns. For example, one pattern will always be used to unlock the device, but others patterns will be used for a variety of functions which may also include enabling users to launch specific apps or select different settings like turn the phone to silent with just a gesture pattern. Now coming to the most interesting part of this patent and it that with any custom pattern unlocks users will be able to launch any specific apps, but then this wouldn’t unlock the phone entirely.

Now this could be an awesome feature, because the more patterns someone adds the more easily it could be to access your device without even unlocking it. Let’s wait and see how this feature turns out to be in the near future.