Samsung Galaxy Nexus owners in the UK aren’t happy due to software bugs

One of the most anticipated smartphones this year, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, reached the shelves in the UK on the 17th of November. However, a large number of owners are complaining about various issues with the handset as well as with the new Android 4.0 operating system.


Some of the issues that have been reported include:

  • The most prominent one is the SAV-Ghost or Self Aware Volume Ghost issue. The issue is that the phone starts to turn the volume down automatically on its own as if being controlled by a ghost. There isn’t any information if it’s a software or a hardware issue and there is no such solution for the problem as of yet.
  • Various apps are not supported by the new OS and users are unable to install some apps from the Android Market, like the BBC iPlayer app, which is not showing in the Android Market at all.
  • People have also complained that there is no Flash support. Google has confirmed in a statement that “Flash hasn’t been released for ICS yet so as far as we know, Adobe will support Flash for ICS.” Flash support will only come once Adobe makes the call to update the mobile version for Android 4.0.

Also, the first Galaxy Nexus owner was in shock when he received the handset and found out that the handset is not working properly. He was given a developer model instead of a full retail version by mistake and he was unable to sign into his Gmail account and no Google apps of any kind appear, just a bunch of developer tools.

So is this a big slip by Google? Or is Samsung to blame? Whatever may the issues be, we hope that Google and Samsung both look into it and resolve them before the smartphones reach other parts of the world.