Google increases the upper limit price for paid apps on Google Play

Google has just made some changes in the upper price limit of Google Play paid apps. Google has almost increased the price limit 2-3 times than the original limit. Different countries have received different price changes. For example, the highest price limit for paid apps in United States is $400, whereas, the highest price limit for paid apps in India is a whopping ₹26,000. The prices for different countries vary based on their currency.


It’s very unlikely that any developer would sell his/her app priced at such an exorbitant price tag on the Play Store. It would be like the app is more expensive than the smartphone itself. There’s a possibility that the apps won’t be this expensive, but, the in-app purchases might be. The in-app purchases for games from the likes of Rovia and EA might actually hit this high.

Android is known for the availability of a wide variety of free apps available on Play Store, but with this change from Google, the scenario may actually change if the developers decide to do so.

You can get the entire list for the top limit of paid apps in different countries here.