Google introduces Chromecast for $35 to control your TV

The new Android version 4.3 and the refreshed Nexus 7 tablet were not the only announcement Google had in store for Breakfast with Sundar Pichai. The company also introduced a new device which can let you control your traditional TV’s using your smartphones.


Google launched the new Chromecast, which is a small dongle that can be inserted in the HDMI port of the TV and would then allow you control the TV from any device including Android iOS smartphones and even laptops. The Chromecast device has to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network used by your smartphone.

The Chromecast lets you control the TV including switching it on. It directly opens the YouTube application from where you can play a single video, or queue multiple videos into a playlist. The device also works with Netflix. You can also beam Chrome tabs from your device to the TV. The device is priced at just $35.