Google Maps for Android and iOS updated with Parking Reminder feature

Google has been adding quite a few new features to Google Maps recently, the latest parking reminder feature would enable users to find their parked vehicle.


Google has updated Google Maps for Android and iOS to add the parking reminder feature, which would allow users to record their parking locations. Further, if users connect to the vehicle using USB audio or Bluetooth, the parking spot will be automatically added to the map on disconnecting and exit the vehicle.

To enable the parking reminder, users will need to tap the blue dot and then click “Save your parking” to add your parking location to the map. This would create a label on the map identifying where the vehicle is parked.

Further, users can tap on the label to open the parking card where users can add additional details about your parking spot. Users can set a reminder before the parking validity expires, save an image of the spot and even send the parking location to friends.