Google Maps is now gathering information about how crowded your train is

Google Maps have been offering information about the traffic since quite some time. Now, a new report indicates that the app sending notifications and asking users how crowded the train is. This is the first time it reportedly appeared on Android, while iOS users have been seeing the notification for since “several months”.


As per the reports, a few users using the Google Maps app received questions for the confirmation of how “many seats available” and “few seats available” or if there is standing room only. Google is soon expected to roll out this feature in India.

While Google is gathering data from Android devices and other services on the road, it is also relying on crowdsourcing the information. Notably, this new feature would work only with users who have enabled Location Accuracy at all times and the public transport API is integrated with Google Maps.


Last year, Google announced that it had partnered with Transport New South Wales in Sydney to tell users how full the bus or train will be. The feature is said to be coming to more cities around the world, but we are yet to hear more about it.

Earlier, Google Maps pushed an update allowing drivers to check if there are any “Speed Traps” in their route. For those who are unaware, “Speed Traps” are spots along roads where one will find police vehicles. While it’s not used in India, countries like the United States of America, the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, and Australia use this.