Google may announce smartwatch named Gem on October 31

While smart watches are becoming a new craze in the electronic industry, Google, which is known for trying their hand at everything possible, may soon be releasing its own smart watch.


According to sources, Google which is all set to release the new Android v4.4 KitKat version on October 31, may launch a device codenamed as the Gem at the same event. While the rumors don’t seem to have a sound backing, considering rumors about the Motorola xWatch, it is quite possible that Google decided to announce the watch under its own banner along with the other major releases for the year.

One interesting aspect of the Google watch would be its compatibility with all the Android devices, thus again going one up on the smart watches announced by Sony and Samsung. Also earlier today we heard reports of Nokia also working on a smart watch, only proving that smart watches would be the next big thing with wearable technologies.