Google might attempt to enter your living room again with Nexus TV next year

Google has always shown great interest in getting hardware into your living room. They first brought Nexus Q which was a failure of mammoth proportions and then they brought about their Chromecast dongle but it seems Google isn’t done yet as reports suggest that Google is working on a set top box dubbed Nexus TV and they plan to announce it next year.


There is not much information on the device but it is said to be a device that will stream media from all the sources you want to your HDTV. Yes we know what you are thinking, even the Chromecast works the same way, isn’t it? But the Nexus TV will come in a set top box read bigger form factor and will support more services along with connectivity options than what the Chromecast dongle offers.

The Nexus TV might be unveiled in the first quarter of 2014 and we can expect it to be announced at the annual Google I/O conference which should take place sometime around May. So what do you say folks? Is the Nexus TV a good idea from Google or another disaster waiting to happen? Sound off in the comments below..