Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite might be announced at CES 2014 [Rumor]

Samsung has been planning a lot of “Lite” devices off late and now add one more to that list as reports claim Samsung will be announcing a Galaxy Tab 3 Lite in January which makes us think CES.


What are the specs of the device? Well, we have no clue but considering the Galaxy Tab 3 comes with some pretty modest specs itself, the Galaxy Tab 3 Lite will be a Tablet targeted at the low end. However we know the price and the variants the Tablet will come in. The Galaxy Tab 3 Lite will be priced at $135 making it around Rs. 8300 in India and it will come in both 3G and WiFi variants. The WiFi variant of the Tablet will come in “Cream White” along with a “Ebony Black” version of both 3G and WiFi variants.

We understand Samsung is planning to tackle the local manufacturers in countries like India with these devices but only time (and specs) will tell if they’ll succeed. Samsung should announce the other rumored “Lite” devices, Galaxy Grand Lite and the rumored Galaxy Note 3 Lite devices together. The report also says the device will be available in January 2014 which makes us believe that the devices will be announced at CES 2014 so it’s just a month away from being official so anyone wanting a low cast Tablet or a phablet they don’t have to wait much longer.