Google Nexus 7 combusts & melts down while left for charging

Many of us out there leave our mobiles and tablets unattended while putting them to charge but it seems that we should stop doing so as when we return back to our devices, they might turn out to look as below.


What you are seeing above is a melted down Google Nexus 7 built by ASUS which was left for charging and when the owner of the tablet returned after a good three hours, she found the 7-inch Nexus in the not-so-good-shape.

The reason behind the combustion is unknown but the owner of the tablet alleges that she was using the factory OEM charger to charge the device and when she returned, the room was full of smoke and the Nexus 7 had melted-down.


Previously, we have seen cases wherein the owners of the devices which have self-combusted were at foul in the Galaxy S III smartphone which was actually microwaved to dry it off but in this case, there seems to be no foul-play and ASUS has reportedly already despatched a brand new replacement to the owner.


We are not saying that this could happen with all devices but the next time you charge your gadget, try not to leave it unattended.