Google Now cricket score cards will provide you easy and fast cricket updates

The thing that is fascinating about how Google works is that it does not only come out with innovative devices and software, it actually keeps on improving them radically according to consumer usage. Google Now is one such thing. Up till now, its been something that is well not been put  as much to use it can be. But one thing is bound to change that – the Google Now cricket score cards, which might just be the most convenient way of viewing scores on your smartphone.


You will now be easily able to see cricket scores as soon as you access Google Now on your smartphone. Currently Google Now only supports international cricket and IPL, and smaller tournaments such as Ranji found here.

How to: see Google Now cricket score cards

  • Go to Google Search option on your phone
  • Access Google Now
  • In the Sample cards section, choose ‘Sports’
  • Choose your favourite team
  • Google Now will now show you cricket scores automatically

The Google Now Cricket score cards might be currently the easiest way to access cricket scores on your phone, better than any app out there and will probably give you the fastest access to scores.