Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo might be the upcoming Samsung Galaxy handset [Report]

While we eagerly wait for the formal release of the Samsung Galaxy S5 in India, more Samsung Galaxy handsets  are popping up under the radar. A recent leak from export/import tracking website Zauba has listed a Samsung device with model number SM-G800F, imported to India from South Korea for research and development purposes. This handset is listed at Rs. 31,790 and could potentially be the Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo.


There is actually a logical explanation of this – right above the handset marked SM-G800F, a handset market SM-G900F, which is actually the model number of the Samsung Galaxy S5. Interestingly the Samsung Galaxy S5 is shown priced at Rs. 33061, which will be beyond amazing, if true. The Samsung Galaxy S5 pricing has already popped up with online retailers, and it shows something in the vicinity of Rs. 45,000. This is shown to be a R & D handset, therefore priced much lower.

Coming back to the SM-G800F, this is expected to be the Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo and not the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini since the difference between the two smartphones is not too much, something which is on the lines of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo.

Will the Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo really see the light of day or would it be just another speculation? We will have to wait to find out.