Google Now gets Field Trip integration; will give virtual tours using ‘Nearby Discoveries’ card

Google Now is getting better by the moment. It is now being integrated with other stuff Google has under its wings. One such app is Google’s location-based discovery app Field Trip. The app which was supposed to give you virtual tours of nearby landmarks and places of interest, failed to work back in the day. Its functionality has now been integrated into Google Now.


Google Now will now give you virtual tours of places using a handy Field Trip card, which will also pop out when you are searching for a restaurant or a monument using the Google Search app. It will also pick up information related to your choices from your Google Searches and integrate it in a card labelled ‘Nearby Discoveries’.

The thing with Google is that it does not let innovation go to waste. The integration of Field Trip technology with Google Now is an example of Google’s way of doing things. Nokia faced the same opportunities, but let them go to waste. Google Now has previously integrated stuff such as cricket cards in Google Now.