Top 10 Google Pixel 3 XL tips, tricks, and hidden features to know

Google released the third generation Pixel smartphones and it’s running the new Android 9 Pie. With the new software, new features are added, here are the cool things you can do with the new Pixel 3 XL. Check out these 10 Pixel 3 XL tips, tricks and hidden features below.


1) Disable Notch

Google Pixel 3 XL sports a 6.3-inch screen with a huge notch up top. If you are from one of those people who doesn’t like the new notch design, you can hide or disable the notch for a cleaner look of your phone.

Turn on Developer Settings

The Pixel 3 XL hides the notch through the Developer settings, no need to install any third party apps. First, turn on the developer settings from the Settings -> System -> About and tap on build number multiple times.

Hide The notch

Once you enable the Developer Options, you have to ways to get to the notch settings. Either go by a quick settings search or enter into the notch settings manually.

  • Enter Settings, tap on the search bar and search ‘Notch‘ to find the notch settings.
  • Or simply go to Settings -> System -> Developer Options and scroll to the ‘Display cutout‘ option.

Tap the Display cutout and select ‘Hide’ to hide the notch. This will simply add black bars at the notch area to make it appear as a flat.



2) Gesture Navigation

The Pixel 3 XL relies on the new gesture navigation on the Android 9 Pie. It’s fast and easy to get your hands to learn it, tapping it will take you to the homescreen, swiping right will open last used app, swiping up will open recent apps, and swiping up and drag will open the App drawer. The back button remains to be the same on the left side.

How Gesture Navigation works

  • Tap Once: Takes you to the Homescreen.
  • Short Swipe (Upwards): Opens up recent apps menu
  • Long Swipe (Upwards): Opens up the app drawer.
  • Short Swipe (Right Side): Switches to last used app
  • Long Swipe (Sidewards): Allows you to move the recent apps and switch to it.



3) Quick Launch Camera

Launch the camera app quickly, double-press the power button to launch the camera app at any time. No matter on which screen you are even if the phone is in a locked state, the camera opens in no time.



4) Switch Selfie Camera

Switch to selfie camera by double tapping on the screen when in the camera. The Pixel 3 XL can switch from the rear camera to the front camera without using any on-screen buttons.

To enable this feature, go to Camera Settings -> Gestures -> Double-tap action and select Switch Camera.



5) Flip camera

Another tremendous feature on the Pixel 3 XL is the Flip camera which will switch between the two cameras with a quick double-turn of your wrist while you are using the camera.

To enable this feature, go to Settings -> System -> Gestures > Flip Camera and turn it on.



6) Flip To Shhh

A quick way to keep your Pixel 3 XL quiet is to enable Flip to Shhh feature. What this feature does is it goes in to Do Not Disturb mode when you place it face down on a desk or table.

To enable Flip to Shhh, go to Settings > Digital Wellbeing.


7) 24/7 Call Support

Google offers a dedicated call support for the Pixel 3 XL, you can head to the Settings -> Tips & support and at the bottom under Contact us, tap on the Phone. Request callback on your phone number by providing the details as shown below.


8) Make Use Of Volume Keys For Camera

The Volume keys can be used for different actions like zooming, camera shutter, or control the volumes while in the camera. To choose which action you want to keep, go to Settings -> Gestures -> Volume key action.



9) Squeeze For Assistant

The Active Edge feature was present from its predecessor, your Pixel 3 XL can call the Assistant when you squeeze it. Yes, while holding the Pixel, squeeze it to call the Google Assistant no matter on which screen you are and even if the phone is locked.



10) Night Light

The Blue light makes it harder to fall asleep, nowadays phones offer a night mode built-in and the Pixel 3 XL has it. Enable the Night Light on your Pixel 3 XL, head to the Settings -> Display -> Night Light and turn it on. You can also schedule it according to your time or keep it automatically during the day and night as per your clock.

These were the top Pixel 3 XL tips and tricks, if you know more of them, share with us under the comments.