Google Play store second anniversary offers go live

We were expecting a celebration on the occasion of the 2nd anniversary of Google Play. The offers have now gone live.


To mark two years of rebranding the Android Market as the Google Play store, Google has offered some limited time deals for Android users. For today it is offering nearly 15 great games for free. While some of these games were generally free, Google is said to be offering in-app purchases for free or at discounted rates. It is offering heavy discounts on otherwise expensive games also.

The game titles listed include:

  1. Hay Day
  2. Larva Link
  3. Re-Volt 2
  4. Dungeon Keeper
  5. Radiohammer (Rs. 62)
  6. FIFA 14 by EA Sports
  7. Garden Mania
  8. Akasha
  9. Dungeon Hunter
  10. Venture Towns (Rs. 73.41)
  11. Star Girl: Beauty Queen
  12. Punch Hero
  13. Final Fantasy V (Rs. 445)
  14. Dead Ahead
  15. Heroes of Camelot

This is definitely a good way to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the Google Play store. However we are also looking forward to offers on apps as well. So all the Android users (except Nokia X users) go ahead and enjoy the Google Birthday present by visitng the Google Play store.