Google releases standalone Docs and Sheets apps on Android and iOS

While Microsoft recently released the Office for Mobile app, Google has now launched two new office suite apps – Docs and Sheets, available on both Android and iOS.


Google has announced two standalone office suite apps – Docs and Sheets which are available on both Android and iOS devices. The Docs app is an MS-Word alternative whereas the Sheets is an MS-Excel alternative. It is also expected to release the Slides app shortly, which would be an MS-PowerPoint alternative. All the apps have offline viewing support and editing options.

With Google having the Drive app, all these apps are heavily integrated with the Drive storage and offer seamless syncing. However, it is surprising that Google which already had the Drive app and then later acquired QuickOffice app, released a standalone app for these services, thus creating a mess again. You can download the Google Docs on Android and iOS devices and the Google Sheets on Android and iOS devices.