Google Smart Contact Lens unveiled; detects blood glucose in your tears

Google doesn’t want to stop at anything when it comes to ‘smart’ tech. After the Google Glass, Google has gone one step further and unveiled the Google Smart Contact Lens. The Google X lab has come out with a Smart Contact Lens which will help patients suffering from diabetes measure their glucose levels.


Google is currently testing out prototypes of the device and using tiny wireless chips, embedded in the Lens and a Tiny Glucose sensor. The chips won’t be in direct contact with your cornea, in fact they are embedded between two soft layers of lens material.

Google has based this the Google Smart Contact Lens on a line of scientific research which elucidates on how body fluids can be used to track glucose levels – Tears work pretty well. The sensor can take one reading per second, and Google is also working on putting LED lights that will warn you before your levels shoot up too high. Google is working with experts to bring these lenses to the market.

This is not the first time that such lenses have been conceptualized, Microsoft did try its hand at them some time ago, but failed to bring them to market. Google though might be more  successful.

If this comes out tin the market, it would make lots of diabetics happy, since they will no longer need to be poke themselves with needles to know their blood glucose levels.