Google talking to various handset makers to launch a portfolio Nexus devices

We all know that Google tends to launch a Nexus device when it announces the iteration of its new Android version. For this it usually talks to a handset manufacturer and gives it strict specifications and so on.

Today we have some exciting news Android lovers and especially the ones who love the Nexus smartphones. According to WSJ, Google is in talks with about five OEMs to create a portfolio of Nexus device including smartphones and tablets.

So basically for the next Android version (Jellybean), Google will not only be working with one handset manufacturer, but this time it will be spreading the joy to many others. This will be a really smart move by Google (if it really does pull this off) as not only will it gives users the option to buy the Nexus device from their favourite vendor, but it will also strengthen Google’s partnership with the various manufacturers.

Also, we hope Google makes the next version of Android a bit more exciting than Ice Cream Sandwich as it hasn’t left a huge impression on the smartphone market.