Google now brings real-time transcription to Google Translate

Google has announced a new major feature rollout for its Translate app — real-time transcription. The feature is now being rolled out and should be available for every Android users by the end of this week.

The company has confirmed that at the time of launch, the device will support English, French, German, Hindi, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Thai languages.


The new option for voice transcription will be available below the text entry box once the feature has been added with the new update. Once the user selects the “Transcribe” button, it lets them pick the source and target languages in a dropdown menu.

Apart from allowing users to pause and restart the transcript, the app will also enable users to adjust text size or choose a dark theme in the settings menu for easier readability. However, the company seems to have removed the “handwriting” and “voice” buttons.

The functionality seems to be similar to the one used by Google’s Recorder application which debuted with the Pixel 4 series smartphones. The company says that the real-time translation transcription will need active internet connection, at least for the time being.

As said, currently the feature is being rolled out for Android smartphones only but the company also has plans to bring the same to iOS devices but there’s no timeline for that.