Google Translate now using neural machine translation for Hindi, Russian and Vietnamese languages

Google Translate is a boon for people who want to translate one language to another, especially for those who always travel to different countries but don’t understand or speak the native language. While this service is great, it sometimes translates languages incorrectly, especially when you are trying to translate a sentence. Well, Google does have an answer to that in the form of neural machine translation and this technology is now used to translate Hindi, Russian and Vietnamese languages.


Google’s neural machine translation was first introduced in November last year. This technology makes use of deep neural networks to translate an entire sentence instead of some phrases. As this technology translates an entire sentence at once and not just some phrases, the resulting translation turns out to be pretty accurate.

At the time of introduction last year, Google supported French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Turkish languages which could be translated to and from English using this neural machine translation. Now, the company has added support for Hindi, Russian and Vietnamese as well.

You’ll get these new translations automatically in most places Google Translate is available: in the iOS and Android apps, at, and through Google Search and the Google app.said Barak Turovsky, Product Lead of Google Translate. While the total number of languages that can be translated using neural machine translation is 11, Google has said that more languages will be added to the roster in the coming weeks.

Have you ever used Google Translate? How accurate was it in your opinion?

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