Google Trips updated with new features to make vacation planning better

While the Google Trips app had quite a few interesting features to help you plan your vacation, the app has now been updated with more features to make your vacation better.


Google Has updated the Google Trips app to make it easier and convenient to plan your vacation. The app will display hotel, flight and other reservations in one tab. Further, users can share these details with just the tap of a button. The person you share the details with would receive an email with all the reservation details, and see them in the app too.

The Google Trips app also allows users to make manual changes to the existing itineraries. Users can add new details like airline and flight number, or the name of hotel. Additionally, users can add little notes on the go.

The Google Trips app grabs travel information from the Gmail Inbox. The app will now automatically organize all the past and future train and bus reservations in one location on the app. Further, users can download destinations that have trended towards the top.