Google–Motorola deal in final stages; to be approved on Feb 13 in Europe

Google’s takeover of Motorola has been in the news for quite sometime now. It now rests in the hands of the European commission, whether or not the deal goes through.
Googrola Google bought Motorola in August 2011 to create a fail-safe for its Android operating system and also compete with the iOS and Windows OS in the open market. The deal gave Google access to a multitude of patents and helped it defend itself against Microsoft and Apple, who have been filing lawsuits against it as if they have nothing better to do.

The deal also raised questions in the minds of other companies who used Android as a platform, as they are Motorola’s competitors in the market. Google has reassured everyone though; that things will still remain the way they were before the merger.

If deal is approved, it would mean that Google would rub shoulders with Apple in the phone industry and the competition wouldn’t be restricted to providing a better OS, it would also become a full-fledged war of the handsets.